Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grid-Interop: Day 1 Notes

For my regulatory friends, here's a capsule summary of Grid-Interop Day 1 (11/30/2010) (Commentary is in italics):

  • Governing Board meeting.
    • Most surprising comment: It's too soon to start communicating to consumers about the advantages of Smart Grid.  Not enough is known about the devices yet.
      • I couldn't disagree more, it's not too soon.  It should have been happening months ago.  A quick look at the language flying around the interwebs (or some of the links in my earlier posts) demonstrates the coming problem.  People do not understand what is happening, and so they are viewing it as something being done to them, rather than for (or better yet by)them.  If the goal here is at all customer empowerment to control their energy usage, we have to get to this being something done by the customer.  If we wait for devices to be ready, it won't fly.  Customer interest has to exist for the devices to have a market.
    • Most interesting point: Business and Policy Working Group wants to "identify issues and find solutions related to state to state variations that impede HAN products."  "Impede" may be overstating the case, but it may help to have a standard, simple, way to express different tariffs and tariff structures.  Paul Centolella gave a solid push in this direction.  A new Priority Action Plan (PAP) perhaps?  If the retail service provider is able to communicate price for the coming period, then there may not be a problem, but that may constrain useful tariff structures. We may need to do a gap analysis on the work of PAPs 3, 4 and 9 to know for sure.  BnPWG is a logical place to do this, but it needs more state regulatory and utility tariff experts at the table.
    •  IP (Intellectual Property) policies are a growing issue.  Different SDOs have different IP rules and practices,and were trying to get a common set of standards under a consistent (open and interoperable)  IP policy.
    • PAP 1 - Internet Engineering Task Force has issued an informational RFC on a Smart Grid Internet Protocol Suite (IPS).  A set of IP tools specific to Smart Grid needs.
    • PAP 11 - Plugin Electric Vehicles Status.  3 Standards reported on:
      • SAE J1772-TM - Inductive charging coupler up for SGIP approval.
      • SAE J2836-TM - Use cases for PEV - Grid communication up for SGIP approval.
      • SAE J2847-TM - Communications Protocols for PEV to Grid Communications is NOT up for SGIP approval. 
        • Cyber Security Working Group does not recommend, as it does not sufficiently address cybersecurity and privacy.
        • Smart Grid Architecture Council still reviewing.
    • Development of vision, mission & roadmap statements.
  • Plenary Session:
    • George Arnold - Brief &
      encouraging comments noting growth & the beginnings of mature

      • 650 SGIP members
      • Maturing processes starting to generate new standards, and more importantly critically reviewing those standards.
    • John McDonald (GB Chair) - Historical Review.
    • Paul Molitor - Events for the week & year
  • CyberSecurity Working Group Meeting
    • Rhonda Dunfee DOE - NESCO National Energy Sector Cybersecurity Organization: Public-Private partnership to lay out SG CyberSec. Goal is for it to be fully private in 2 years.
    • Mission
      • Promote best practices
      • Analyse infrastucture threats.

    • Structure
      • Funded by EnergySec & EPRI
      • Information to be via a portal site.
      • Go to Energysec.org to register. Membership is vetted.
    • Goals
      • Coordinate "end user" testing
      • Create code repository
      • Provide a path for rapid information dissemination &
        situational awareness.
      • Provide on-demand resource for forensics.
  • Marianne Swanson – NIST
    • Intro to NISTIR
    • 3 year plan for CSWG
    • Upcoming local outreaches.
  • Subgroup updates:
    • Cite for all CGCTG Subgroup information:
    • AMI Security - Darren Highfill (Newest Group, so Darren
      provided more background)
      • Meetings are Tuesdays @ 13:00 Eastern
        Call In #
        866-7936322 Access Code 3836162#
        Contact tanya.brewer@nist.govto join mailing list (true for all groups)
      • Scope:
        Back office systems that accept AMI data
        Communication through Meter or other utility-owned/operated gateway
        Non-electric or customer owned equipment is out of scope
        Development of devices using AMI
        communications must meet capabilities in order to be allowed on net.
        May develop "classes" of devices.
        All layers of stack.
      • Goals
        Plan to propose a PAP for AMI security.
        Set of criteria and RFI to select an appropriate SDO to be issued.
    • Architecture – Sandy Bacik
      • Telecon Day & Time: Bi-weekly Thursdays, 2pm Eastern
        Call-in number: 218-862-1300 Participant code is: 283348
      • Scope:
        Overall information architecture scoping and design.
        Provides basis for many of the standards groups to define actors & relationships.
    • Daniel Thanos - Design Principles
      • Telecon Day & Time: Every Friday @ 3:30PM-4:30PM
        Call-in numbers: 1-800-728-9607 (Toll Free),
        1-913-904-9873 (Direct), Participant Passcode: 4570752

      • Develops core principles for security and privacy
    • Tanya Brewer – Privacy
      • Telecon Day & Time: Thursdays, 11am Eastern Time
        Call-in number: 866-802-3515 Participant passcode: 2817109

      • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding privacy issues
        within smart grid development

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