Friday, March 18, 2011

Right Idea, Wrong Platform...

Okay, I can't help sharing this.  A quick search on Facebook reveals that there are 3 different groups there with concerns about Smart Meter data privacy.  One of them is completely open.

Really?  Are you sure you want to use Facebook to build your privacy advocacy group?

I mean, I understand about privacy concerns, that's why I'm involved in the privacy work on Smart Grid (among other areas.)  Addressing those concerns is critical.  I've said so elsewhere.

But if you are really a privacy advocate getting those concerns addressed means rolling up your sleeves, and helping with the real business discussions where standards and business practices are being established, not flapping around Facebook with a bucketful of speculation and little credibility. 

(Sorry, but using a platform created by the guy who called people who "trust me" "Dumb ****s" does not enhance one's credibility as a privacy expert.)

Really, those of us working on this stuff could use some help.  All we ask is that you come willing to do two things;
  • listen to what is already being done to resolve the potential problem, and 
  • help us do it better.

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