Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Engaging the Consumer...but who is / will be the consumer?

I spent the early part of this week at the Parks Smart Energy Summit in San Antonio.  The theme of the event was "Engaging the Consumer," and while no diamond rings were exchanged, a lot of useful ideas were.

The last speaker I got to hear before scurrying to the Airport was Doug Houseman. (I'm writing this in BWI, waiting for my flight to Raleigh, NC where I'm on a panel tomorrow at SmartGrid Update's "Smart Grid Distribution Automation 2013.")

Doug is a lot of things: an avid gamer, an architect, a pretty serious computer geek, opinionated, direct to an extreme, and a good friend.  He also has one, sometimes annoying, habit:

He's right a lot.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Starting at the Refrigerator...

An article in FierceSmartGrid just crossed my inbox.  It's an interesting interview with Saifur Rahman, founding director of the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech, and VP of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.

To my mind, Saifur gets many things right, particularly identifying the problem.  He's right when he says that the foundation of the Smart Grid "pyramid" is customer acceptance.  If we don't get that, the rest (technology, standards, regulation) is all for naught.

Here's where I think he (and a lot of other folks) are getting it wrong.