Thursday, November 28, 2013

An interesting comparison

Good Morning, and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sitting in my Brother-In-Law's family room writing this week's Blog and getting ready for the all-day-food-fest that is a get together with my family.  While the coffee perks, I'm thinking about the latest I3 Magazine (It Is Innovation, a CES house magazine.)  A single page filler article at the back really caught my attention, because it puts some numbers to things I've been saying for a while.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Simple Economics

This is just some "mental doodles" on how electricity could be priced in the retail market, if we were starting with a blank slate.  Some of these musings might not be practical in terms of a transition from what is, but it may be a useful exercise in goals.

I'm no economist, so I would appreciate comment and discussion from those who are trained in the field.  I will be updating this "scratchpad" as time goes on:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thoughts from SGIP 2.0

Just a quick update from the venue at the Inaugural SGIP 2.0 meeting.  First off: SGIP 2.0?  Whazzat?

The SGIP was created as a mostly-public public/private organization, to help NIST meet its mandate from the Energy Independence and Security Act.  That was 1.0.  Now it has finished its first year of transition to a mostly privately funded entity.  That's 2.0.  The mission is largely the same, but now it's mostly member-funded and member-driven.  There are a lot of moving parts involved, but that's the high level view.

Topics that seem to be getting a lot of traction include: