Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES 2014 Day 2 (Day 1 for me)

Well, my first day at CES 2014 is about to begin, and I figured this would be a good time to catch my breath before wading into the melee that is the show floor.  Some preliminary thoughts:
  • Rather than having everyone on the planet converge on the LVCC in the morning to get their badges, CEA had badge pick-up scattered all over the place (most of the major hotels, the airport, and at the venue itself.)  I picked up my badge last night at the Airport.  I groaned inwardly when I saw the roughly 3/8 mile line, but I took a deep breath, remembered that this was CES, after all, and joined the queue.  Much to my amazement, in less than 20 minutes of slow but consistent strolling and joking with my fellow standees, I was walking away with my badge.  Yay CEA!
  • A lot of the exhibitors are getting a slow start, because of the insane weather over most of the country.  A lot of exhibitors who were expecting to get in Sunday or early Monday are just arriving this morning.  My own flight was delayed because the pumps on the airport's deicing equipment had frozen solid (no joke!)  You know it's freaking cold when (a) antifreeze freezes and (b) the Zoo brings the Polar bears inside because they aren't in any condition to take the cold.
  • Of course, CES always has its share of products that will never make the market.  I haven't spotted any yet, but here's listing to get you chuckling, courtesy of the Guardian.
More updates as the day progresses... well, I tried.  When I had time, I had no connection.  When I had a connection, I had no time, so this update is the next day.

There are a lot of efforts brewing, but Smart Grid isn't making the splash it did last year.  The appliance manufacturers aren't out in force the way they were last year.  The "connected home" is making a big splash, but again, more of the activity is in entertainment than energy management.

That's it for the update, more tomorrow, I hope.

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