Thursday, January 9, 2014

Most. Frustrating. Blog. Post. Ever.

Here I am, at arguably the biggest high-tech event of the year, and I can't get a decent WiFi signal to save my life.  I'm actually writing this on my phone using a 4G connection.

But that isn't the frustration.   The frustration is that I can't write about the most interesting things I've heard about,  because I had to sign NDAs.

What i can talk about is that there's a lot of what I've been saying for a while that is coming to pass.   Many of the comfort/security/entertainment companies are looking at how to get into Smart Grid and residential energy management.  When a guy selling high - end stereos starts asking about Green Button, a line had been crossed.

There's a lot of interest from alarm companies, cable and satellite tv, basically anyone with a presence in the home.  It's going to be interesting going to Distributech in a few weeks.  I'm wondering how many of the same faces I'll see there.

Today will be spent cruising the floor and touching base with some of the EV and EVSE companies.  I'll try to update from the show floor.

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